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2Nov 2017

We need your Tracks for the KiteTracker Contests!

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To all KiteTracker users: it’s judging time and we are evaluating and checking all uploaded Tracks for the Prizegiving for the KiteTracker Contests 2017! Almost 2000 Euros Prizemoney is waiting for the winners!

But now the important thing: according to the KiteTracker Contest rules, every track and rider that wants to participate in the contest and the highscore need to do at least 3 photos of his winning session. For all GPX-Uploaders: you can send the photos via eMail to

So to all: please check if you have any tracks left and not uploaded yet (but the track must be within the Contest-Time, ended just on October 31st). If you have the tracks but without photos, just send the photos with a description about the photo and conditions and to which track the pics belong via eMail to – next week, on November 10, the results will be final and more infos will follow…

Your Team


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