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13Nov 2016

XC-Contest Final Ranking 2016

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The final KiteTracker XC-Contest Ranking of 2016! Congratulations to all final contestants and their awesome tracks!
There have been many interesting and long tracks – and like the XC-Formula has been designed, not every track in the high mountains.
So the system worked and everybody had a chance to compete, no matter while kiting in flat areas or tracking so many gained altitude meters in the mountains.

In the end – it’s being decided by the riders between each other, to which rider the victory belongs! Each rider of the top 10 XC-tracks can vote for every other track.
Points from 0-10 can be voted for every track and the average of all the votes will be multiplied with the original XC-Points – > this new number will define the final ranking!

Jozone – or let’s say Johann Civel ;) did it!! With his awesom RideUp Session, he did a good base for his original XC-Points and the other riders judged him to an average of 8.0 points – together with these two numbers, he has a good margin to the 2nd place! Congratulations! 500 Euros for you as cash prize Johann Civel ;) !!!

All Sessions here (Numbers in Brackets: initial XC-Points, Rider-Judge-Average-Points, Final Points):
1. Johann Civel (238 x 8.0 = 1904) :
2. Simone Borgi (208 x 7.4 = 1539):
3. Jonas Lengwiler (188 x 7.8 = 1466):
4. Tanguy Albrici (231 x 5.2 = 1201):
5. Serge Albrici (207 x 4.6 = 952):
6. Sasha Oberhänsli (151 x 6 = 906):

Note: only the best tracks of each rider is shown, therefore only 6 final tracks in the ranking….
For detailed infos about the rider judges rider result : write us on

So be prepared for the upcoming season to beat this amazing tracks!!

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