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12Nov 2016

Kitelandboarding Speed Contest Winner 2016

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Landboarding and Buggykiting Speed Contest
Looks like Flysurfer Rider Pascal Lohmann remains one of the fastest buggy and landboard riders!!
Good, hard sand conditions with around 25kts of wind and his 6m FS Sonic, combined with his skill brought this honest result!

Congratulations Pascal to your 77km/h on the landboard!
Pascals 77km/h track here:



And the other day, Pascal also went for the record on the Kitebuggy with impressive  96km/h!! Crazy and big respect for this speed!!
Same setup as for the Landboard-Speed-Session – steady 25kts with FS Sonic 6m and amazing buggy skills by Pascal!
Congratulations also 96km/h while strapped to your speed buggy!
Pascals 96km/h track here:

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