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26Dec 2013

Contests are ON again and new RideUp Challenges 2014!

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After an exciting finish of the first KiteTracker Contests, we will continue with new prizes and contests into 2014 – so you can get ready to race again and compete against all other kiters on the worl! As a great addition, you will be introduced into the new RideUp Challenges. Together with the RideUp Team with Johann Civel and Warek Arnaud, we created this brand new competition.

Check the quick infovideo about our contests & challenges:

Worldwide Contests:

The KiteTracker Contests are searching for the fastest kiter on snow, water or land with buggy and ATB – but not only the fastest will win, there is still the famous XC-Snowkite contest and for every sport its distance contest.
There will be an innovative change for the Snowkite XC-Contest with quite a social factor :)
The base formula will be unchanged for the XC-Points: distance + (20x ascent) + descent , but at the end of the contest season (end of October 2014). The best 10 riders will judge themselves. Each of the top ten tracks will be factored by 1-10 by each of the top ten riders. In the end, only one track will get the most points and only one will be the best XC-Rider of the world!

RideUp Challenges:

Something brand new and never seen before will be introduced by KiteTracker with the unique RideUp Challenges: A predefined Track has to be done as fast as possible. To win one of the challenges you just have to get from Start to Finish in the fastest manner – no matter which route you choose. After you did record the challenge, just upload your track and KiteTracker will automatically analyze the session and will calculate the time between Start- and Finishline and you will be ranked accordingly. 100% safe, easy and fair ;)

Let’s go direct to the RideUp Challenges:

Check an example from the Bernina Pass in Switzerland:

Ozonesnowkitemasters 2014:

Together with Ozone, we got a great deal to bring you some free benefits while visiting the OzoneSnowkiteMasters 2014 (February 27 – March 03). You can get free accommodation in the hotel just near the spot – how? Easy! – Just compete in the categories Snowkite XC and Snowkite Speed and the winners will get a free room during the event! The ranking period ends on February 23.
Let’s visit OSKM:

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