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Big Day for Kitetracker!

The Kitetracker App just won the “People’s Choice” Award at the Swiss App Awards 2013! It’s just awesome and we thank to all the people who voted for Kitetracker! Check out our winner photo with the Miss Switzerland Tanja Gutmann :-)

Big thanks to for the awesome vid that he made for us! You are the KING Phil!!


6Feb 2013

iPhone News: Kitetracker Version 1.5 available!!

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The Kitetracker App version 1.5 is available! We fixed an automatic switch off by the GPS with the new IOS 6.0. Check it out and give us some feedback signals on info(at) Thanks!

This weekend, launched the first “Speed Master 2013″ Contest in cooperation with

Some of the worlds best snowkite race riders like Markus Pompl, Michael Kaspar, Florian Gruber, Felix Kersten, Dominik Zimmermann, Lukas Vogeltanz und FlyFisch met at lake Rescia to challenge themselves for the winners podium!

Saturday as well as Sunday brought perfect racing conditions with 4-6 Bft north wind and the surface of the frozen lake had a perfect, icy condition for high speeds and exciting fights on the race course.

After a tiring race day on Saturday, Felix Kersten went out again with his 11m Ozone Edge and made the first KiteTracker speed record with 87.95 km/h – the first day was dominated by Felix and he was the leader with a good advantage against Florian Gruber, Dominik Zimmermann, Michael Kaspar and Markus Pompl. In the snowboarders race category, Lukas Vogeltanz (CZE) set the mark on saturday with 62 km/h.
The second day (Sunday) was the ultimate KiteTracker speed day with perfect condition for maximum speeds and the chase for Felix’s and Lukas’s records began! Around noon,with even stronger wind was the time for IKA world ranking leader Florian Gruber – he took Felix’s first record of 87.95 km/h and went even faster (just a liiitle bit) and set a new record with 88.10km/h!
Felix went out again to fight against this new record but in the end it was Florian’s turn and Felix couldn’t beat the 88.10!
The records were set in the category “Ski” with Florian Gruber as the winner, Felix Kersten on the 2nd place and KiteTracker Co-Founder Patrick Stahel had also his chance and made it to the 3rd place.

In the snowboarders zone began a new challenge to compete against Lukas Vogeltanz with his first record from saturday. Alex Korb, Nimbee and Andi Haanrieder started the chase for Lukas’s record – but this was just the perfect motivation for Lukas to go again and show his skills on the board on a flat, icy lake and he made it again to the top with 75.34 km/h (on the Snowboard!), Alex Korb (72.25 km/h) and Nimbee (70.12 km/h) had also some good runs and made it to the podium on the 2nd and 3rd place.

The prizegiving ceremony was completed with a lucky draw between the two winners of the category ski and snowboard – so for Lukas Vogeltanz and Florian Gruber was a 50/50 chance to win an iPhone, sponsored by
In the end, Florian had the lucky draw and got the iPhone! Congratulations Florian, good job!!

The whole KiteTracker Team thanks all riders for competing, the good organisation by and our friends and supporters from as well for all other who helped to get this event done! Thanks to all, it was a great weekend!!

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