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2Nov 2017

We need your Tracks for the KiteTracker Contests!

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To all KiteTracker users: it’s judging time and we are evaluating and checking all uploaded Tracks for the Prizegiving for the KiteTracker Contests 2017! Almost 2000 Euros Prizemoney is waiting for the winners!

But now the important thing: according to the KiteTracker Contest rules, every track and rider that wants to participate in the contest and the highscore need to do at least 3 photos of his winning session. For all GPX-Uploaders: you can send the photos via eMail to

So to all: please check if you have any tracks left and not uploaded yet (but the track must be within the Contest-Time, ended just on October 31st). If you have the tracks but without photos, just send the photos with a description about the photo and conditions and to which track the pics belong via eMail to – next week, on November 10, the results will be final and more infos will follow…

Your Team


13Nov 2016

XC-Contest Final Ranking 2016

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The final KiteTracker XC-Contest Ranking of 2016! Congratulations to all final contestants and their awesome tracks!
There have been many interesting and long tracks – and like the XC-Formula has been designed, not every track in the high mountains.
So the system worked and everybody had a chance to compete, no matter while kiting in flat areas or tracking so many gained altitude meters in the mountains.

In the end – it’s being decided by the riders between each other, to which rider the victory belongs! Each rider of the top 10 XC-tracks can vote for every other track.
Points from 0-10 can be voted for every track and the average of all the votes will be multiplied with the original XC-Points – > this new number will define the final ranking!

Jozone – or let’s say Johann Civel ;) did it!! With his awesom RideUp Session, he did a good base for his original XC-Points and the other riders judged him to an average of 8.0 points – together with these two numbers, he has a good margin to the 2nd place! Congratulations! 500 Euros for you as cash prize Johann Civel ;) !!!

All Sessions here (Numbers in Brackets: initial XC-Points, Rider-Judge-Average-Points, Final Points):
1. Johann Civel (238 x 8.0 = 1904) :
2. Simone Borgi (208 x 7.4 = 1539):
3. Jonas Lengwiler (188 x 7.8 = 1466):
4. Tanguy Albrici (231 x 5.2 = 1201):
5. Serge Albrici (207 x 4.6 = 952):
6. Sasha Oberhänsli (151 x 6 = 906):

Note: only the best tracks of each rider is shown, therefore only 6 final tracks in the ranking….
For detailed infos about the rider judges rider result : write us on

So be prepared for the upcoming season to beat this amazing tracks!!

12Nov 2016

Snowkite Speed Contest Winner 2016

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The area around Haugastol in Norway has been THE place for so many showdowns, battles, movies, Events – and not just because of no reason…
Perfect conditions for almost any competition – and Jonas took this chance to bring home the Snowkite speed contest – it was hard and took a long time in a session with many attempts to gain for maximum speed.
Whopping 7 hours and just below 150km took him with his Ozone R1 V2 in good conditions to get this years record of 107km/h! Go on Jonas!!!

Congratulations Jonas to the sick speed of 107km/h!
Jonas’s 107km/h track here:



12Nov 2016

Kitesurfing Speed Contest Winner 2016

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French rider Froggy aka Olivier is tracking a lot of sessions along the southern coast of France – mainly Beauduc and got lucky with enough good days to fight and fight for the fastest track.
Wind blowing around 25kts and boosting his FS Speed 5 9m with a custom board – those were the basics to set the record for this year! Good job Froggy!

Congratulations Froggy to one of your many tracks with the fastest speed!
Froggy’s 62km/h track here:



12Nov 2016

Kitesurf Distance Contest Winner 2016

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A well known KiteTracker user (thanks to so many tracks) from the western part of Switzerland did the longest Kitesurf-Track in 2016!
Serge1712 – huge respect for your endurance on the foil! It must have been an endless session and never ending day for you, always foiling, but congratulations for this epic track!

Congratulations Serge to your 158km on Lac de Neuchatel!
Serge’s 158km track here:



12Nov 2016

Buggykiting Distance Contest Winner 2016

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There was always a fight between KitePascal and MichaH. about the Buggy-Tracks and again this year - Micha did it, fought for it and made it to the top with insane 351km on the buggy!!
The conditions were not perfect and many kite changes were needed to fullfill this achievement! Nearly 10 hours of kiting! Biiiig respect Micha!!!!

Congratulations Micha to your ultra long, endurance track with 351km done with your buggy!
Michas’s crazy 351km track here:



12Nov 2016

Landboarding Distance Winner 2016

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Our fellow KiteTracker user Daarum, which is using our app a lot and sharing his kite adventures (thx to you!) did it this time with a nice landboarding session and made it to the top for the landboarding distance record!

Congratulations Daarum to your 31km on the landboard!
Daarum’s 31km track here:



12Nov 2016

Kitelandboarding Speed Contest Winner 2016

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Landboarding and Buggykiting Speed Contest
Looks like Flysurfer Rider Pascal Lohmann remains one of the fastest buggy and landboard riders!!
Good, hard sand conditions with around 25kts of wind and his 6m FS Sonic, combined with his skill brought this honest result!

Congratulations Pascal to your 77km/h on the landboard!
Pascals 77km/h track here:



And the other day, Pascal also went for the record on the Kitebuggy with impressive  96km/h!! Crazy and big respect for this speed!!
Same setup as for the Landboard-Speed-Session – steady 25kts with FS Sonic 6m and amazing buggy skills by Pascal!
Congratulations also 96km/h while strapped to your speed buggy!
Pascals 96km/h track here:

23Dec 2015

KiteTracker RideUp Challenges 2015 Results

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And not to forget our proud RideUp Challenges winners! The system worked well again and everyone is preparing again to beat the current challenge times!



jozones’s Winner-Session:




gurke’s Winner-Session:




jonasPKD’s Winner-Session:




DomZimmermanns’s Winner-Session:




UnhookedRonny’s Winner-Session:

22Dec 2015

XC-Contest Ranking 2015

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The final KiteTracker XC-Contest Ranking of 2015! Congratulations to all final contestants and their awesome tracks!
Like introduced in 2014 – the final ranking results out of a “Rider judges Rider” System.

UnhookedRonny made it again on the first place – at the same spot as he did it in 2013, the first edition of the XC-Contests. Pizzo Stella was the spot to be this year!

All Sessions here:
1. Ronny:
2. Wareck:
3. Gurke:
4. Simone Borgi:
5. Kai Schroder:
6. Jonas:
7. Inselkondi:
8. Serge:

Note: only the best tracks of each rider is shown, therefore only 8 final tracks in the ranking….
For detailed infos about the rider judges rider result : write us on

So be prepared for the upcoming season to beat this amazing tracks!!

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